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Setting up Enrich

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A Snowplow Enrich application processes data from a Snowplow Collector, and stores enriched data in a persistent database.

  1. Choose a Enrichment process
  2. Setup your Enrichment process

1. Choose an Enrichment process

There are currently two Enrichment processes available for setup:

Enrichment platform Description Status
EmrEtlRunner An application that parses logs from a Collector and stores enriched events to S3 Production-ready
Stream Enrich A Scala application that reads Thrift events from a Kinesis stream and outputs back to a Kinesis stream Production-ready
Beam Enrich An Apache Beam application that reads Thrift events from a PubSub topic and outputs back to a PubSub topic Production-ready

2. Setup your Enrichment

Choose one of the following setup guides:

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