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Unity Tracker Setup

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1. Overview

The Snowplow Unity Tracker lets you add analytics to your Unity-based desktop and mobile apps, servlets and games.

The Tracker should be relatively straightforward to setup if you are familiar with Unity and C# development.

Ready? Let's get started.

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2. Integration options

2.1 Tracker compatibility

The Snowplow Unity Tracker has been built and tested using Unity5+ on Windows, Linux, OSX and iOS.

It is not currently compatible with the WebPlayer as of yet.

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2.2 Dependencies

There are several dependencies that are required to use the Unity Tracker currently. These are available in this folder.

  • UnityEngine.dll : This is included as a way of setting up development externally to the Unity playground; you do not need to include this.

All the other dependencies are required for proper Tracker function.

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3. Setup

3.1 Download

The Unity Tracker package is published to Snowplow's bintray repository. Once downloaded simply add the SnowplowTracker.unitypackage to your project. This should insert all of the required dll files into your Assets/Plugins/ folder.

Done? Now read the Unity Tracker API to start tracking events.

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