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This script has been ported to Ubuntu 12.04. It will:

  1. download the Ubuntu 12.04 alternate server (torrent), 64bit iso
  2. ... do some magic to turn it into a vagrant box file
  3. output


$ sudo ./

This should do everything you need. If you don't have you must have transmission-cli installed sudo apt-get install transmission-cli if not. Likewise, file-roller (which should be installed by default with Ubuntu-Desktop, otherwise sudo apt-get install file-roller then:

Kev's notes

"Let's do it all on my Ubuntu PC, I said."

Standing on the shoulder's of giants (thanks Carl & Ben) - I have modified this bash script to work on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin). I also modified to download via torrent instead of slow HTTP.

Possible extra steps for OSX Lion:

  • You may have trouble compiling the smake dependency of cdrtools with XCode 4.2.x or earlier. If compilation hangs, upgrade to XCode 4.3.x (free app store upgrade), open XCode and install the Command Line Tools (Preferences -> Downloads).

  • tar 2.8.3 with libarchive 2.8.3 may fail to extract from the ISO image. If this happens, update libarchive (will install to /usr/local/bin/bsdtar, won't overwrite system tar)

     brew install

Ben's notes

Forked Carl's repo, and it sort of worked out of the box. Tweaked office 12.04 release:

  • Downloading 12.04 final release. (Today as of this writing)
  • Checking MD5 to make sure it is the right version
  • Added a few more checks for external dependencies, mkisofs
  • Removed wget, and used curl to reduce dependencies
  • Added more output to see what is going on
  • Still designed to work on Mac OS X :) ... though it should work for Linux systems too (maybe w/ a bit of porting)

Carl's original README

Decided I wanted to learn how to make a vagrant base box.

Let's target Precise Pangolin since it should be releasing soon, I said.

Let's automate everything, I said.

Let's do it all on my macbook, I said.