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Examples of implementing the same task in different frameworks in Haskell
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This repository is intended to hold a number of examples of simple web programming tasks using different libraries and frameworks in Haskell. This serves a dual purpose:

  • A nice place to get quick tutorials.

  • An easy way to compare different approaches.

Each folder should be a separate type of sample, and each file in that folder should perform the same task in the specified framework. For example, hello-world/yesod.hs will be Yesod's Hello World.

In general, favor comprehension over terseness: we're not playing golf here. And the more comments, the better. Whenever possible, each sample should be a stand-alone file which launches a web server on port 8000.

For now, don't bother with cabal files, though if there are uncommon dependencies, mention the package they come from.

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