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Full source code for the website. Use as a base for your own Haskell/Yesod applications or as a sample application to help with learning Haskell/Yesod

System Requirements

You must have Haskell, Yesod and Postgresql installed.

Instructions for installing Haskell and Yesod are available at

You will also need to install libicu-dev. This can be installed on debian based machines with:

apt-get install libicu-dev


  1. Download the source code to an appropriate folder. Just run:

    git clone`

    Alternatively download the zip archive at and extract to a suitable folder.

  2. cd to the haskellers directory created above.

  3. Download and install local copies of all the libraries needed by Just run:

    cabal sandbox init
    cabal install --only-dependencies --reorder-goals --max-backjumps=-1
  4. create a new postgresql database for the haskellers data. Just run:

    sudo su - postgres
    psql template1
    CREATE USER <username> WITH PASSWORD '<pwd>';
    CREATE DATABASE <dbname>;
  5. Rename config/postgres-dummy.yml to config/postgres.yml and edit it to reflect the choices you made in step 4.

  6. Rename SESCred-dummy.hs to SESCred.hs. Replace the fake-secret-key and fake-access-key with random, unguessable strings.

  7. Start the haskellers application by running yesod devel.

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