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@@ -117,44 +117,3 @@ In order to deploy, you simply copy the keter bundle to `/opt/keter/incoming`.
To update an app, copy in the new version. The old process will only be
terminated after the new process has started answering requests. To stop an
application, delete the file from incoming.
-## Technical Details
-* Logger: provides a file descriptor to redirect output to. Takes the name of
- the app.
-* Process: Give it all the information (executable, working directory,
- environment, args) for a process, and it will start the process and monitor
- it. If the process dies, it will restart. Binds the output to the logger.
- Allows you to terminate the process.
-* Postgres: Ask it for database information for an app. If no information is
- available, it will create a database/user.
-* TempFolder: Wipes out a folder on startup, then assigns random, unique
- folders inside it on request.
-* App: Started with a path to an app bundle. Unpacks into a random folder
- inside the temp folder, gets a random port, starts a Process, updates Nginx,
- and waits for commands. Accepts two commands: reload and terminate.
- * Terminate kills the existing process, removes from Nginx, and deletes the
- folder.
- * Reload gets a new random port, unpacks to a new folder in the temp
- folder, starts a Process, waits till the process is "ready" (checks with
- an HTTP request)- canceling after a certain timeout.
- * If process is not ready within timeout, terminate the new process and
- delete the new folder.
- * If a process *is* ready, tell Nginx to use the new port, wait some
- amount of time (20 seconds?), send a TERM to the old process, wait
- some more (1 minute?) and delete the old folder.
-* Keter: Delete temp folder, start the Nginx, logger, and port assigner. Start
- a new App for each app in the incoming folder. Monitor for file changes in
- the incoming folder, and appropriately start a new app, reload an existing app,
- or delete an existing app. Also provide a web interface based on logger.

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