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Minor fixes for snippets, non-visible

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commit 4aeffc4d9d20c667106da9ed6324251e374305a0 1 parent 415a5f7
@snoyberg authored
2  book/yesod-web-framework-book/basics/routing.dita
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
<codeph id="x-19">-ddump-splices</codeph> GHC option, we can get an immediate look at the
generated code. A much cleaned up version of it is:</p>
<codeblock id="x-20" outputclass="haskell">{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies, MultiParamTypeClasses, OverloadedStrings #-}
-import Yesod.Routes.Dispatch
+import qualified Yesod.Routes.Dispatch
import Yesod.Routes.Class
import Yesod.Core
7 book/yesod-web-framework-book/persistent-060/code-generation.dita
@@ -77,6 +77,13 @@ instance PersistEntity Person where
(FTTypeCon Nothing "Int")
+ data Unique Person typ = IgnoreThis
+ entityDef = undefined
+ halfDefined = undefined
+ persistUniqueToFieldNames = undefined
+ persistUniqueToValues = undefined
+ persistUniqueKeys = undefined
+ persistIdField = undefined
main :: IO ()
main = return ()</codeblock><p id="bb3">As you might expect, our <codeph>Person</codeph> datatype closely matches the definition
we gave in the original Template Haskell version. We also have a Generalized Algebraic
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