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small, but untested change. yesoddocs doesn't build on ghc7

ghc- requires containers ==
containers- was excluded because stm-io-hooks-0.7.1 requires containers

= && <0.4

added some commits Jul 13, 2010
@snoyberg Updated changelogs 89e4618
@snoyberg Yesod 0.4.0 release adab96e
@snoyberg Bunch of minor fixes f49cf28
@snoyberg Some dollar-sign escaping ad872fb
@snoyberg Added blog screencast part 2 e0cbe98
@snoyberg Removed devel version warnings, updated to yesod 0.4.1 8d5178f
@snoyberg Added "ready" tab to homepage e38bf9e
@snoyberg Added community to homepage b4fd5da
@snoyberg Fixed hello world on homepage c8d7f3a
@snoyberg Added missing newline 70cd3fe
@snoyberg Added link to Ajax Push article fbbbed8
@snoyberg Added nginx to deploying ad9d7c0
@snoyberg Cleaner styling 2ce6ff3
@snoyberg Beginning of book 3067db1
@snoyberg Hello World on homepage is runnable 064afd1
@snoyberg Updated changelogs 3363f76
@snoyberg Added deploying chapter 6e75eb8
@snoyberg Beginnings of form chapter for book d07c444
@snoyberg Finished Hamlet content for book. 897f7d5
@snoyberg Beginning of widgets chapter c26eaa1
@snoyberg Minor progress on forms chapter 3c1bd47
@snoyberg Updated Yesod changelog f3f732d
@snoyberg Compatible with Yesod 0.5 et al e27ec53
@snoyberg Update docs for 0.5 fc632ff
@snoyberg New layout 3869e8d
@snoyberg Google Analytics, Firefox fixes 5e3bcc7
@snoyberg Added form example 14f8860
@snoyberg Cleaned up book titles a710d74
@snoyberg Beginning of basics chapter 872b073
@snoyberg Work on basics chapter 127133a
@snoyberg Finished basics chapter 47eb53a
@snoyberg Proof-reading (by Miriam) fca104f
@snoyberg Work on templates chapter 43bdaa2
@snoyberg Beginning of Haskell intro chapter 635f49f
@snoyberg Added mkToForm example ca2a3c4
@snoyberg Fix the cabal file 1378e15
@snoyberg Homepage improvements 904c28c
@snoyberg Added more to templates chapter d7153c6
@snoyberg Finished templates chapter 83245da
@snoyberg Beginning of handler chapter 574996b
@snoyberg Proof reading my Miriam 0e88f4b
@snoyberg Removed old site, merged into book ac00a22
@snoyberg Beginning of Yesod-based site 1238d30
@snoyberg Examples 9645c25
@snoyberg Added screencasts d076d05
@snoyberg Removed hakyll-based site 4492469
@snoyberg Showing synopsis files 03bd4af
@snoyberg Blog part of site ad9dccc
@snoyberg Imported blog entries fe2f8c2
@snoyberg fastcgi support 37759fb
@snoyberg UTF8 file read 048fec5
@snoyberg Sitemap and atom feed abcfa90
@snoyberg Add disqus to chapters 8db2f3c
@snoyberg Add margin for disqus 12897a9
@snoyberg Book snippets can be checked, are in color 7d57dad
@snoyberg Fixed example loading bug b9663da
@snoyberg Added new blog post ad4578d
@snoyberg Work on routing chapter 8d57974
@snoyberg Added blog post 508d7a0
@snoyberg Routing chapter work 9463dc5
@snoyberg Typography 26dc6d1
@snoyberg Yammer screencast and blog post ecf81b1
@snoyberg Added blog post 05d5f90
@snoyberg Fixed broken link c13ed79
@snoyberg Added blog post modular authentication 18a79c6
@snoyberg Chapter status e19a043
@snoyberg Added http-enumerator blog post 95fa08b
@snoyberg Added MatrixSSL comment 607e6f1
@snoyberg Less spacing on homepage ffe218e
@snoyberg Added wiki link 4c88663
@snoyberg Markdown in blog posts 4a54145
@snoyberg Added blog post f9c61a4
@snoyberg Added example 5693fa4
@snoyberg Fix markup 9fd858e
@snoyberg Started a blog post (not finished) 1360d54
@snoyberg Finished enumerators part 1 blog post 17c7cd5
@snoyberg Added gist link 05352be
@snoyberg New blog post 7ec1117
@snoyberg Fixed typo 72ab50a
@snoyberg Added blog post f01249b
@snoyberg added meta description fcb5910
@snoyberg Added blog post bd06984
@snoyberg Added blog post a4b45ac
@snoyberg New logo d25dd64
@snoyberg Minor book touch-ups e3a0875
@snoyberg Rewrite of forms chapter a22350d
@snoyberg Added screenshots to forms chapter d2981e0
@snoyberg Update forms chapter status 80824fd
@snoyberg Fix some typos in forms chapter 5afd43b
@snoyberg Added blog post 9808aa2
@snoyberg Added blog post 1d6a604
@snoyberg Reddit button on blog 146daca
@snoyberg Added blog post 1f64cab
@snoyberg Added article e7003d9
@snoyberg New book structure 53e4a73
@snoyberg Work on new basics chapter d5d88f7
@snoyberg Cleaned up basics chapter 632a728
@snoyberg Fixed some typos a9f8146
@snoyberg addHtml -> addBody 4471e2d
@snoyberg Minor book cleanups c3b5380
and others added some commits Nov 22, 2010
@snoyberg PDF: Force chapters onto odd pages 6d434f0
@snoyberg Fixed section IDs for subsections e27c878
@snoyberg Fixed yesod-examples edce91c
@snoyberg Work on handler chapter ec1b80d
@snoyberg Added missing snippets 12ad614
@snoyberg Fix typo (Yesob -> Yesod) 50f803c
@snoyberg Better error message on bad dates in blog post a739fdd
@snoyberg Added blog post Wishlist a6bb7a1
@snoyberg Work on handler chapter bef63e8
@snoyberg Finished handler chapter 1e929e0
@snoyberg Require id on each section 09f849b
@snoyberg TOC on each chapter e66017c
@snoyberg Require id on paragraphs 81895d6
@snoyberg IDs on each paragraph 20ede82
@snoyberg Indent subsections cd97617
@snoyberg Comments ada37f5
@snoyberg Minor styling 783788a
@snoyberg Added missing file f8e77c9
@snoyberg New book comments system blog post 6aa8bac
@snoyberg Extra packages mention in five minutes. 823600b
@snoyberg stm-io-hooks for book comment race condition 01a2f75
@snoyberg Book comments atom feed 6be42dc
@snoyberg YAML comments 2f1683b
@snoyberg Incredibly minimalistic spam protection 1e70595
@snoyberg Fix some book typos (thanks to commenters) 912ba17
@snoyberg Post comment: redirect back to same paragraph 4cb52f6
@snoyberg Fix typo 7efa81d
@snoyberg Two new blog posts ae49252
@snoyberg Factored out parser combinators c960096
@snoyberg Using xml-enumerator 87c5cef
@snoyberg Less confusing hamlet paranethesis statement 233dffe
@snoyberg Blog post 14800a0
@snoyberg Added XML enumerator announcement f6ec21e
@snoyberg Correct typo in book ef09cec
@snoyberg Typo 897048c
@snoyberg Added about page e74b942
@snoyberg Yesod user survey blog post d4bd853
@snoyberg Major repo cleanup 974afd6
@snoyberg Added Magic of Yesod, part 1 blog post 0263507
@snoyberg Added Magic of Yesod 2 625f5d5
@snoyberg Announcing yackage bbb406d
@snoyberg Added Ajax chat example 45eef83
@snoyberg Added Felipe to contributor list 518e008
@snoyberg Merged articles into book 456c4b3
@snoyberg Changes to about page 50c2008
@snoyberg Merged examples into book 32c4fa0
@snoyberg Change Examples button to About button 5708698
@snoyberg wai 0.3 release blog post a59b9fd
@snoyberg Added i18n blog post b143d4d
@snoyberg Added Patrick Brisbin to contributor list 8a288fa
@snoyberg Fix typo on About (thanks to Tom Tobin) 6213ea3
@snoyberg Aboute -> About 4d838eb
@snoyberg Added data-object-yaml blog post 7f0ec12
@snoyberg Added announcing warp blog post 9341b00
@snoyberg Two minor edits 57ddea5
@snoyberg Blog post: hamlet6to7 1d8813e
@snoyberg Added FAQ and migrate6to7 3c594b0
@snoyberg Beginning of new design using Haskell colors 3368bc7
@snoyberg More design work ee1e689
@snoyberg Added some missing files e7a46bc
@snoyberg Fix homepage slideshow 4ab540a
@snoyberg Added Yesod migration guide blog post ccf4713
@snoyberg Announcing Yesod 0.7 2ad1e26
@snoyberg Added migrations notes from Anton fdb4bec
@snoyberg Examples ported to Yesod 0.7 a6328e0
@snoyberg Updated snippets to Yesod 0.7 3671637
@snoyberg Reverse packdeps dcffb33
@snoyberg Updated font list f065c85
@snoyberg Site on Yesod 0.7, using new fonts ff0953a
@snoyberg Added blog post e613895
@snoyberg Fixed book typos e748587
@snoyberg Escaped a tag afaa8ab
@snoyberg Book chapters 1-4 2c2a3c5
@snoyberg Chatpers 1-4 blog post ff32157
@snoyberg Minor documentation changes 81d0202
@snoyberg Haskellers link from book, typo correction fae6920
@snoyberg Nicer permalink b1f6147
@snoyberg fix 7977de5
@snoyberg OverloadedStrings comment on forms 6d1cf84
@snoyberg Added most of the content for persistent chapter. 9e03eaa
@snoyberg Added persistent snippets' ac30c02
@snoyberg Yesod typeclass chapter' 15e7a1c
@snoyberg Forms chapter' f365763
@snoyberg Handler chapter 1df3836
@snoyberg Sessions chapter cd64211
@snoyberg Various changes to the book 014f5df
@snoyberg All snippets compile 750ef4a
@snoyberg Warp Speed Ahead 22b54a3
@snoyberg Font changes d64733f
@snoyberg Removed hamlet chapter 16eecbd
@bjornbm bjornbm Fix "The Handler Monad" link text. 362f68a
@snoyberg Book fixes eb5a5a1
@snoyberg Fixed some paragraph ordering 60b1e76
@snoyberg Book typo 7cc391e
@gregwebs gregwebs improve home page 3f26ef3
@gregwebs gregwebs add symlinks and improve gitignore 7c73ab3
@gregwebs gregwebs cleanup previous commit 2e63412
@gregwebs gregwebs fixup screencasts page
* add warning paragraph
* new jQuery UI css.
  Unfortunately it didn't pick up the colors quite the way I wanted,
  but this is good enough for now, no more hideous light blue
@gregwebs gregwebs link from widgets to typeclass (default layout) b192537
@gregwebs gregwebs closed this Aug 7, 2012
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