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An easy to use Unity 3D library for creating illustrated Interactive Fiction games
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The goal of Fungus is to provide a free, open source tool for creating interactive storytelling games in Unity 3D. Fungus is designed to be easy to learn for beginners to Unity 3D, especially for people with no coding experience. For power users, it provides an intuitive, fast workflow for visual scripting and interactive storytelling. Fungus is being used to create Visual Novels, Point and Click Adventure Games, Childrens Stories, Hidden Object Games, eLearning apps and also some frankly weird stuff which defies classification :)

  • Author: Chris Gregan
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @gofungus
  • Facebook:


Download & installation instructions and tutorial videos are available on the official Fungus website.


If you have questions about Fungus, please search our forum first as someone may have had the same issue already. If you can't find an answer please start a new discussion and we'll answer you as soon as we can. Fungus is designed for beginners and we love to hear from users so please don't be shy about posting!

You can also join into our chat room. Join the chat at


To contribute code to Fungus, please see CONTRIBUTING. If you are interested in contributing in some other way (art, audio, documentation, pizza) just email me at chris at

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed code to the project.

Building the documentation

  1. Download and install Doxygen from
  2. Run Doxygen and open Docs/Doxyfile
  3. Switch to the Run tab and click Run Doxygen.
  4. The documentation will be built in the Builds/Docs folder.

To contribute to the documentation please send in a pull request with the changes.

Running the automated tests

The Unity Test Tools contains a tool called the Platform Runner which builds and runs all the test scenes automatically.

There is currently an issue with the Unity Test Tools on OSX that prevents the Platform Runner running all tests in the project. You can open each scene in the Tests folder individually and use the Unity Test Runner window to run all tests in the editor.

On Windows:

  1. Open the Platform Runner via Unity Test Tools > Platform Runner
  2. Select the platforms and tests you wish to run (defaults to running all).
  3. Run the tests and wait for the results. All tests should pass.
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