Fungus v3.4.0

@chrisgregan chrisgregan released this Oct 22, 2016 · 147 commits to master since this release

This release mainly updates the Moonsharp Lua library to v2.0. This means games using FungusLua should now run fine on the WebGL platform. You can also use VS Code to debug Lua scripts, and Moonsharp is now included as C# source code rather than a DLL. Huge thanks to Xanathar for his amazing work on Moonsharp!

Known Issues

  • FungusLua generates runtime errors running Lua when using .NET scripting backend. The IL2CPP backend works fine.


  • Added accessors for GameObject and Transform variables in Flowchart.cs
  • Added Flowchart.HasVariable() and GetVariableNames() - thanks murnyipl!
  • Added WaitForFrames property to GameStarted event handler. Default is wait for 1 frame (should reduce startup order issues).


  • Upgraded to Moonsharp 2.0. Moonsharp source code is now included in Fungus/Thirdparty/MoonSharp
  • Moonsharp and FungusLua now work in WebGL builds
  • Removed MoonSharp assembly from link.xml
  • Converted MoonSharp line endings to OSX for consistency with rest of project.
  • Updated documentation for Lua debugger (using VS Code)
  • Removed LuaEnvironment Remote Debugger option. A VS Code debug server always starts when running in the editor.
  • SayDialog now supports full variable substitution when setting character names.


  • Fixed Command properties not copied when copying commands #546
  • Fixed PODTypeFactory and FungusPrefs classes are not registered #549
  • Fixed compile errors on .NET Core scripting backend
  • Fixed LuaBindings registered types in example scenes
  • Fixed MoonSharp warning when not building for an AOT platform
  • Fixed minor issues in some example scenes (e.g. missing sprite refs)