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Assets 3

Many thanks to maintainer Steve Halliwell for all the amazing new functionality in this release!


  • Added Playground examples showing 3 simple arcade games made using Fungus
  • Added Rigidbody2D variable type
  • Added Vector3 FungusCommands - Fields, Normalise, Convert to Vector2, Arithetic
  • Added TransformProperty FungusCommand. Get and Set a transform's fields and properties. Does not currently support rotation, localRotation nor the Mat4x4 commands as we do not have the appropriate FungusVariables to store them in
  • Added FungusCommand to Reload Current Scene
  • Added Rigidbody2D FungusCommands - AddForce, AddTorque, StopMotion
  • Added Input GetAxis fungusCommand, fetch Input.GetAxis and store in a FloatData
  • SpawnObject FungusCommand can now store the gameobject it instantiates and can spawn at itself
  • Destroy FungusCommand can now be told to pass down a delay to Destroy
  • Added Fungus Commands for most of MathF
  • Added Math demo scene
  • Added Mouse fungus event demo scene
  • Added Monobehaviour fungus event handlers and physics demo scene
  • Added LeanTween commands and demo scene that approximates the old iTween demo
  • Added SpeakingCharacter property to SayDialog
  • Added Fungus panel in editor preferences
  • Added option to toggle off the fungus icon in the hierarchy in case it conflicts with other tools or is just undesired
  • Added TextTag WVO WaitForVoiceOver #572
  • Added ability to show variable list in the Flowchart Inspector #643
  • OpenURL FungusCommand renamed, fixes #554 #642


  • SaveManager now uses json files in a FungusSaves sub directory for all platforms but webplayer & webgl which still use playerprefs
  • GetCommandInfo returns the highest priority CommandInfo to better support multiple names while maintaining what is shown in the inspector
  • Allow multiple CommandInfos to be added to a class SpawnObject can now also be found under GameObject/Instantiate
  • Changed Fungus icon loading to use FungusEditorResources


  • Fixed typo in BlockEditor.BlockField() #633
  • Fixed custom editor for ElseIf command #630
  • Fixed Prefab Variable Dereferencing #618
  • Fixed typo in Set Interactable description #647
  • Fixed choice dialogues were not set to stay during the MenuDialogue #640
  • Fixed camera fading and panning at the same time (thanks to iBicha!) #624
  • Fixed warnings on Unity 2017.2