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Files required for Python course project
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Python Course Project (2019): Estimating Avogadro Number

This repository contains all the required files to complete the final project for Python programming course at faculty of Electerical and Computer Engineering, University of Tabriz, 2019. This course is based on the Introduction to Programming in Python. To download slides and for more information you can see the course website. Also you can watch video lectures related to this course in my YouTube channel.

Brownian motion


  • atomic-number.pdf: step by step description to complete the project.
  • to dataset to use in the project.
  • mp4: a folder containing different movies displaying brownian motion of beads in water.
  • beads-run_1.txt and displacements-run_1.txt: sample outputs for this project.

Required skills to complete this project

  • Modular and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Working with files, redirectiong from/to files and piping.
  • Writing functions and recursive functions.
  • Working with objects like Picture and Color.
  • Performing scientific computations.
  • Effective use of different modules and libraries introduced in the course.

Project Due

You should submit all the required files as described in the descriptions via Piazza before June, 25, 2019. Put all the required files in a folder with your student number.

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