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  is a website for asking questions and getting answers. The website includes a few more advanced features including location tagging, points rewards and friendships with other users. was originally created as a final academic project for completion of a Master's degree in Information Systems. QuestionFair was built using the Ruby on Rails website framework. The site was launched March 2015, but is currently dormant and undergoing improvement for a future relaunch.

Project Status is currently undergoing redevelopment. As noted above, the website was originally created as a graduate school project. The code represents a fully functioning, full featured website; however, the code is messy, unorganized, untested and in need of some serious refactoring. Please check back for regular updates.


Follow these steps to test on your local machine.

You will need the following software:

  • Git
  • Ruby v2.2.0
  • PostgreSQL

Start by downloading the QuestionFair repo from GitHub and switching to the new directory:

$ git clone
$ cd QuestionFair

QuestionFair uses Ruby version 2.2.0. Installation instructions can be found here: You can check your Ruby version with:

$ ruby --version

If you have not used Ruby before install the Bundler gem. Bundler will manage the Ruby gems used with QuestionFair.

$ gem install bundler

Before using Bunlder to install the required gems, make sure that the PostgreSQL database is installed. PostgreSQL installation instructions can be found here:

Run Bundler to install required Ruby gems.

$ bundle install

QuestionFair uses the dotenv gem to manage environmental variables. These variables are primarily API keys for external services. An example .env file is provided for reference. This file needs to be copied before starting the server.

$ cp .env.example .env

In order to work with QuestionFair's full functionality in a production or staging environment, the following API keys are required:

  • Mandrill
  • Codeclimate
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Geocode API
  • Facebook

The site should still function without these keys in a local development environment. However, functionality using external APIs may be limited.

Now the database can be setup.

$ rake db:create
$ rake db:migrate

And finally the development server can be started.

$ rails server


QuestionFair uses the Rspec testing library. A limited test suite is provided and additional tests will be added as the site is refactored. Run the tests with the rspec command.

$ rspec

Copyright 2015 Scott Savage


A question and answer website created as a final master's degree project for Penn State Harrisburg's Master of Science in Information Systems program.



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