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Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Monier Williams and Apte Sanskrit-English dictionaries desktop app.

Windows and Mac distributions available.

Build status Build Status

Running from source

Install libraries

$ npm install

Run tests

$ npm test

Build app assets

$ npm run build-assets

Start locally

$ npm start

Updating the MW database

  1. Download latest mw.xml from

  2. Run the script:

$ npm run mw-db path/to/mw.xml
  1. Commit new database file: main_process/dict/mw/db/mw.sqlite

Updating the Apte database

  1. Download latest ap90.xml from

  2. Run the script:

$ npm run apte-db path/to/ap90.xml
  1. Commit new database file: main_process/dict/apte/db/ap90.sqlite


Based on Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries.