SNU 4190.310, 2015 Spring
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SNU 4190.310, 2015 Spring

  • Instructor: Prof. Gil Hur
  • TA: Jeehoon Kang
    • Email address:
      • Send emails for personal matters only. Use the issue tracker.
      • DO NOT send emails to
      • In the case you send TA an email, specify your name and your student ID.
    • Office Hour: At bldg 301 rm 554-1. Please email me to make an appointment.


  • Final at 2015/06/18 (Thu) 18:00-21:00. At Software Lab, 3rd floor, bldg 302.
  • Document on assignments is updated! Assignment 01 is issued (due: 2015/03/19).
    • TA will give you office hour 2015/03/16-2015/03/18. See here.
  • Check the GitHub repository status.
  • Now you can use Coq 8.4pl5 in and! Run coqide. Thanks to @kcm1700!
  • Check if your student IDs are correct here.
  • We will have an (optional) lab session on Git at 2015/03/10 (Wed) 20:30-21:30. Please come to Software Lab, 3rd floor, bldg 302.
  • We will have a lab session at 2015/03/04 (Thu). Please come to Software Lab, 3rd floor, bldg 302.
  • We will change your seats at 2015/05/19 (Tue).


Due Description Notes
2015/06/18 14:00 Assignment 12 (status)
2015/06/11 14:00 Assignment 11 (status)
2015/06/04 14:00 Assignment 10 (status)
2015/05/28 14:00 Assignment 09 (status)
2015/05/21 14:00 Assignment 08 (status)
2015/05/12 14:00 Assignment 07 (status)
2015/04/23 14:00 Assignment 06 (status)
2015/04/16 14:00 Assignment 05 (status)
2015/04/09 14:00 Assignment 04 (status)
2015/04/02 14:00 Assignment 03 (status)
2015/03/26 14:00 Assignment 02 (status)
2015/03/19 14:00 Assignment 01 (status)
2015/03/12 Check if your student IDs are correct here.
2015/03/09 Be ready to do homework and submit it.
2015/03/09 Read articles on GitHub. Especially, read Bootcamp, Setup, Using Git, User Accounts, and SSH sections.
2015/03/09 Register at GitHub, and give me your information here.

Must Read

  • READ CAREFULLY this section.



  • In class: if you speak Korean, ask in Korean. Otherwise, ask in English.
  • In the GitHub repository issue tracker: ask in English.
  • Send email for personal matters only.
  • If you want to post a piece of source code, please DO NOT upload an image of it. Because it is hard to reconstruct texts from images.


See for more details.


See for more details.