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Programming Languages, SNU 4190.310, 2016 Fall


  • 2016/09/09: The grading scheme is announced. See below.
  • 2016/09/09: Star this repository to get emails on updates.
  • 2016/09/09: The evaluation server is open.( ) Your ID/Password is Student Number. Please change your password.
  • 2016/10/10: Our midterm is scheduled to be in Oct. 30 2pm ~ 4pm.
  • 2016/10/19: Due to the error mentioned in issue #28, I updated E?? files in assignment 04. Please download the files again please.
  • 2016/10/27: Assignment 4 due (delay) is pulled to Friday (Oct.28).
  • 2016/10/27: Midterm will be held in 302동 소프트웨어실습실 (Building 302, 311-1).
  • 2016/10/27: Solution of assignment 1/2/3 is uploaded. (04 is uploaded as well)
  • 2016/10/30: Due to the error in issue # 36, I updated E03_1.v in assignment 6. Please download the files again please.
  • 2016/11/02: The class on 2016/11/02 is cancelled.
  • 2016/11/02: Due to the error in issue # 36, I updated E03_1.v in assignment 6. Please download the files again please.
  • 2016/11/07: The class on 2016/11/07 is cancelled.
  • 2016/11/22: Problems/Solution of midterm is uploaded
  • 2016/11/24: Final term will be in Dec.10 6:30 ~ 9:30 pm. We have a makeup class at Nov.25 5:00 pm
  • 2016/11/29: You don't need to solve P03.v in Assn 7 ; see
  • 2016/11/29: Assignment 8~12 is uploaded.
  • 2016/12/05: Due date of Assignment 8~12 is delayed to Fri, 11:59 AM.
  • 2016/12/07: Midterm score announcement & Change in grading policy ; see
  • 2016/12/09: Homework solution is uploaded : see
  • 2016/12/09: Final term announcement : see
  • 2016/12/14: Total score is out : see


Due Due (Delay) Description Points
Oct.3 23:59 Oct.10 23:59 Assignment 1 50
Oct.10 23:59 Oct.17 23:59 Assignment 2 100
Oct.17 23:59 Oct.24 23:59 Assignment 3 60
Oct.24 23:59 Oct.28 23:59 Assignment 4 110
Oct.31 23:59 Nov.07 23:59 Assignment 5 80
Nov.07 23:59 No delay Assignment 6 130
Nov.30 23:59 No delay Assignment 7 170
Dec.07 23:59 Dec.09 11:59 No delay Assignment 8~12 200(total)

Must Read

  • READ VERY CAREFULLY this section.


  • Exams: ~~75%~~70% (mid-term 35% 30% and final 40%)

    • You will solve Coq problems at the lab during the exam.
  • Assignments: 20% 25%

    • Coq problems in the software foundations material. Read carefully the next subsections.
    • In the exams, there will be questions that have appeared in assignments. If you get those questions wrong and if you solved them in assignment , your assignment score will be reducted. (12/07 updated)
      • Suppose Your nominal assignment score (for beginning to midterm) is S.
      • Suppose the midterm has N assignment-related questions, and they are unsolved.
      • Your adjusted assignment score will be S * (1 - f(N)).
      • f(1) = 0.1 ; f(2) = 0.2 ; f(3) = 0.5 ; f(4) = 0.7 ; f(5) = 0.9
  • Attendance: 5%

    • -1% per absence. IMPORTANT: 6 absences make an F.
    • Maximum 2 absences are allowed.



  • Use Coq 8.5pl2. DO NOT use other versions.

    • If not, your submissions (assignments & exams) will not be properly graded.
  • Install Coq.

    • Installer (OS X / Windows)

      • Download Binaries and install it.
      • Windows: after installing it, see below ("Cygwin For Windows").
    • Cygwin For Windows

      • Cygwin (for make).
        • Download Cygwin. CAUTION: choose 32- or 64-bit versions correctly.
        • Install Cygwin. Make sure that you install bash and make (in Select packages). Installation may take a long time.
        • Now by "terminal" we mean the Cygwin terminal.
      • Add the directory that contains Coq binaries in the PATH variable.
        • Edit your Shell init file (like ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile).
        • Find the file in C:\cygwin\home\[USER_ID].
        • Add export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Coq/bin/ at the end of the file. The directory to add may be different for your environment.
        • Restart the terminal to apply ~/.bashrc.
        • Check which coqc in the terminal. It should point to the coqc binary.
    • OPAM (Linux / OS X)

      • Install necessary libraries.

        • OS X

            # install brew (
            brew install gtksourceview libxml2
        • CentOS-like Linux

            sudo yum install gtksourceview2-devel
        • Debian-like Linux

            sudo apt-get install liblablgtksourceview2-ocaml-dev
      • Install opam, and make sure you can use OCaml 4.03.0.

      • opam init --comp 4.03.0

      • opam install coqide.8.5.2

      • Test by coqc -v in the command line. Check your PATH variable if you get an error.

      • Run CoqIDE by coqide.

  • Use IDEs supporting Coq.

    • CoqIDE: installed by default.
    • Emacs: Company-Coq. Follow the setup instructions.
    • Vim: Coquille. See the troubleshootings below.

Textbook: Software Foundations


  • Assignments will be issued every Wednesday. The deadline is the next Sunday (10 days later). The deadline for the delayed submission is the next to the next Sunday (17 days later).
  • The maximum score of a delayed submission is 80% that of a regular submission.
    • The granularity the delayed submission is per-problem, not per-assignment. So even if you couldn't get the full score for the regular submission period, try to solve the remaining problems and submit them.

Honor Code: DO NOT CHEAT

  • Do not copy others' source code, including other students' and resources around the web. Especially, do not consult with public repositories on software foundations.
  • Assignment score will be adjusted with the exam score. See above.


  • assignments/$NAME directory is the assignment $NAME.
    • You submit P??.v files. You should edit only P??.v. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE.
    • E??_??.v files are for evaluation.
    • Everything else are for relevant the definitions for the assignment.
  • make in the terminal to compile files so that IDE can understand them.
  • Edit P??.v files to do the assignment.
  • make in the terminal to compile your submission. make eval in the terminal to grade your submission yourself.
  • Both make and make eval SHOULD SUCCEED. If not, your score will be 0.
  • make eval will check your submission.
    • P??.v files SHOULD NOT contain admit, Admitted, and anything in forbidden.txt.
    • If a P??.v file contains string FILL_IN_HERE, then it will be scored 0.
  • make submission to prepare your submission.
    • zip should be installed. Otherwise, you can just zip P??.v.
  • Submit at:
    • DO NOT ATTACK. Please.
    • If your submission status is SYSTEM ERROR or RUNNING for a long time, even after refreshing your web browser for several times, please ask the TA.


  • If you run coqide from a terminal, you may get the following error message. But it is okay.

      (process:16700): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
              Using the fallback 'C' locale.
  • If something bad happens, please download the most recent version of the assignments.

  • You may have to make before interacting with IDEs.

  • You can specify the CRLF handling strategy in Git (cf). In Windows, some strategies may break the Makefile. Please just use the linebreaks as in the repository.

  • When running CoqIDE in OS X for the first time, you may see an error message saying Failed to load coqtop. Then click No, and then find /Applications/ and open for once. Then goto CoqIDE > Preferences > Externals. And then change coqtop into /Applications/

  • Your submission file should have alphanumeric characters only.

  • If cygwin complains like ./ line 2: $'\r': command not found, please:

    • Install dos2unix in Cygwin.
    • Run: dos2unix
  • If you use Coquille (on Vim) and your terminal is hidden by some message (warning (some rule has been masked)), please edit ~/.vim/.../coquille/autoload/'s restart_coq as follows (NOTE: stderr = subprocess.PIPE):

      def restart_coq(*args):
      global coqtop
      if coqtop: kill_coqtop()
          coqtop = subprocess.Popen(
                  ["coqtop", "-ideslave"] + list(args),
                  stdin = subprocess.PIPE,
                  stdout = subprocess.PIPE,
                  stderr = subprocess.PIPE,
                  preexec_fn = ignore_sigint
      except OSError:
          print("Error: couldn't launch coqtop")

    Thank you for reporting, @indiofish


  • I strongly recommend you to use Git for the course. Register at GitHub. Try Git.


SNU 2016 Fall 4190.310 Programming Language



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