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Software Foundations, SNU M1522.001200, 2020 Fall


  • Dec. 01: Assignment 5 is uploaded.
  • Nov. 30: Assignment 4 is uploaded.
  • Nov. 24: Final exam announcement
  • Nov. 19: Update assignment 3's P07 (You can prove examples with your own proof in P07.v).
  • Nov. 12: Extend assignment 3's deadline.
  • Nov. 09: Assignment 3 is uploaded.
  • Oct. 25: Midterm results is uploaded. We will support about missing files by checking in person. So if you want to check or have any other questions, email TA(
  • Oct. 22: Midterm exam announcement
  • Oct. 22: Assignment 2 is uploaded.
  • Oct. 7: Submission server is opened.
  • Sep. 29: Midterm will be held on Oct. 24th Sat, 1 - 5 pm
  • Sep. 25: Assignment 1 is uploaded.


  • Download skeleton code and replace FILL_IN_HERE with your code in P**.v.
  • Visit and log-in with your id (e.g. 2016-12345). Your initial password is equivalent to your id.
  • Change your password before submitting your assignments.
  • If you forget your password, email to ta(
  • Use 'make submission' command and attach the zip file.
  • No delayed submission.
  • Claims: within 2 weeks from the due date, please.
Due Description
Oct.9 23:59 Assignment 1 - Basic & Induction
Nov.6 23:59 Assignment 2 - Lists & Poly & Logic
Nov.26 23:59 Assignment 3 - IndProp & Imp
Dec.14 23:59 Assignment 4 - Equiv & Hoare
Dec.15 23:59 Assignment 5 - Equiv & Hoare


  • Attendance: 5%
  • Assignments: 25%
  • Mid-term: 30%
  • Final: 40%


  • Install Coq 8.12.0.

    • Using an installer (Windows, MacOS)

    • Using OPAM (Linux / MacOS)

    • Using brew (MacOS)

      • Run brew install coq.
      • Note this wouldn't install CoqIDE.
  • Install IDE for Coq.

    • CoqIDE: installed by default.
    • Emacs: Company-Coq. Follow the setup instructions.
      • If it shows Searching for program No such file or directory coqtop error, please add (custom-set-variables '(coq-prog-name "PATH/TO/coqtop")) to .emacs file.
      • In case of MacOS, coqtop is at /Applications/

Honor Code: DO NOT CHEAT

  • Do not copy others' source code, including other students' and resources around the web. Especially, do not consult with public repositories on software foundations.
  • Assignment score will be adjusted with the exam score. See above.


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