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The Coq development of local data-race-freedom guarantees in the Promising Semantics


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Modular Data-Race-Freedom Guarantees in the Promising Semantics

Minki Cho, Sung-Hwan Lee, Chung-Kil Hur, Ori Lahav

Proceedings of the 42nd ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2021)

Please visit the project website for more information.


  • Requirement: opam (>=2.0.0), Coq 8.13.1
  • Install dependencies with opam
  • Build the project
make build -j

The Model & Results Updated from PS 2.0

  • src/lang: The Promising Semantics 2.1 model (Figure 5)

Our Coq development is based on the previous Coq formalization of PS 2.0. See for a more detailed explanation about the model.
The only change from PS 2.0 is the definition of capped memory (Definition 3.1): cap in Module Mem (src/lang/Memory.v)

  • src/opt - Compiler transformations (updated from PS 2.0)
  • src/invariant - An invariant-based program logic (updated from PS 2.0)
  • src/gopt - Global optimization (updated from PS 2.0)

Local DRF Theorems

Local DRF-PF

  • src/ldrfpf/PFStep.v
    • L-PF-machine (Definition 4.1): machine_step in Module PFConfiguration
    • L-PF race (Definition 4.2): racy_execution in Module PFrace
  • src/ldrfpf/LocalDRFPF.v:
    • LDRF-PF theorem (Theorem 4.3): Theorem local_drf_pf
  • src/prop/Monotonicity.v:
    • Promise Monotonicity lemma (Lemma 4.6): Lemma promise_monotonicity

Local DRF-RA

  • src/ldrfra/OrdStep.v
    • L-RA-machine (Definition 4.7): machine_step in Module OrdConfiguration
  • src/ldrfra/RARace.v
    • L-RA-race (Definition 4.8): race in Module RARace
  • src/ldrfra/LocalDRFRA.v:
    • LDRF-RA theorem (Theorem 4.9): Theorem local_drf_ra

Local DRF-SC

  • src/ldrfsc/SCStep.v
    • L-SC-machine (Definition 4.10): machine_step in Module SCConfiguration
    • L-RA-race (Definition 4.11): race in Module SCRace
  • src/ldrfsc/LocalDRFSC.v:
    • LDRF-SC theorem (Theorem 4.12): Theorem local_drf_sc

Note that the race conditions of LDRF-RA and LDRF-SC in Coq are slightly different from the race conditions in the paper: Instead of defining race-detecting-machines, we define a racy machine state to be a state where a thread can take multiple steps ending with a racy step. However, these conditions are provably equivalent to those in the paper.