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Aura is a responsive framework for Sass+Compass powered by Susy and Modular Scale. This extension requires Sass 3.2 (or the most up-to-date beta if Sass 3.2 isn't out).

To install:

gem install compass-aura
@include 'aura'

Susy 1.0

Aura has been updated to, and now requires, Susy 1.0. See the Susy 1.0 Changelog for tips on updating your code to be Susy 1.0 compatible. I have not built in defaults for Susy 1.0's at-breakpoint mixin because I firmly believe that is a design choice that should not be assumed by Aura (at least not without some out of the box thinking and some silly maths), but I have added a function, aura-break, that takes one of the breakpoint sizes' names that Aura generates and returns the value perfect for using with at-breakpoint, allowing you to do something like following:

@include at-breakpoint(aura-break('medium') 8)

If you want to set arbitrary breakpoints, you can use Aura's respond-to mixin (see advanced usage).

Basic Setup

Set your Body Font Size, in any measurement you are comfortable in. Suggested minimum is 16px/1em/100%/12pt

$body-font-size: 16px;

Decide if you want your fonts to scale:

$font-scale: true/false;

Include the setup mixin:

@include aura-setup;

Whichever item you want as your main content wrapper, @extend .measure for setup:

#main-content {
  @extend .measure;

To use the calculated breakpoints, use the 'respond-to' mixin with "full", "large", "medium", or "small" as the input.

#wrapper {
  background-color: red;
  @include respond-to('large') {
    background-color: green;

See index.html and style.scss for examples as to how to use. More to come, including advanced usage, better documentation, and some best practices.

Setting Up Sidebars:

  • Number of Sidebars (0, 1, 2). If 0, also need to set $main-content-cols and $total-cols equal.
  • Side of the Sidebar (left, right, both, none).
  • Sidebar Widths (Integer number of columns for left (and right) to span, such as 2, 3).

Default for 1 sidebar is difference between $main-content-cols and $total-cols. Default for 2 sidebars is split difference between $main-content-cols and $total-cols with left sidebar getting overflow from odd remainders.

If one width is provided and you have more than one sidebar, the same width will be used for both sidebars.

Advanced Usage

Todo. Respond-to mixin


This software is © Sam Richard and is available under a dual MIT/GPL2 License.


A Sass+Compass based Responsive Website framework







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