A traffic light visualizer for Kibana 5.5 that can split on multiple lines
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Traffic Light Visualization

Transform Vis


Kibana 5.5 version of http://logz.io/blog/kibana-visualizations/

For Kibana between 6.X see https://github.com/snuids/TrafficLightVisKibana6

For Kibana between 5.0 and 5.4 see https://github.com/snuids/Elastic-5.0-Traffic-Light-Visualizer

Kibana 4.4 version here https://github.com/snuids/traffic_light_vis


  • Split chart option added.
  • Possibility to define the numer of traffic lights per line.


Simply unzip the content in the plugin folder of Kibana.

More info on docker and kibana here: https://mannekentech.com/