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NYX is an open source platform that encapsulates ElasticSearch and PostGRESQL databases
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NYX is a platform that can be used to digitize your organization. It is modular, highly customizable, scalable and allows to focus on functionnality rather than infrastructure.

NYX is based on micro-services Docker and can be deployed on-premise or on your favorite cloud provider.



2 embedded databases:

  • PostgreSQL. A SQL relational database to store Data that need strong consistency.
  • Elasticsearch. A NoSQL distributed RESTful Database that allow you to process heavy analytics tasks.

Based on Open source projects:

  • Apache ActiveMQ a state of the art message broker with online monitoring tools.
  • Apache Camel a Java framework that focuses on making integrations easier and more accessible to developers (
  • Node-RED a graphical and programming tool to wire together hardware devices, APIs and services.
  • Jupyter Notebook one of the Data scientist essential tool.
  • Vega, a visualization grammar, a declarative language for creative interactive visualization designs.
  • Kibana the window into your Elastic Stack that lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data.


NYX is split in 3 parts:

  • NYX_UI the web interface. You can add your specific interfaces in there to increase the End User Experience.
  • NYX_REST the REST API where you can add your specific functions to interact with the both Databases.
  • NYX_CONTAINERS where you can ship your containers to insert, clean and process your Data.

Additional Repositories:

  • NYX_WS_SERVER dispatches stomp ActiveMQ messages to web sockets

Getting Started

Using the AWS AMI

The AMI will soon be availabe in the Paris region (EU-West-1).

Running the platform locally

Running Locally


Folder Structure

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