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Automatic extraction of edited sentences from text edition histories.
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Wiki Edits 2.0

A collection of scripts for automatic extraction of edited sentences from text edition histories, such as Wikipedia revisions. It was used to create the WikEd Error Corpus --- a corpus of corrective Wikipedia edits published in:

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WikEd Error Corpus

The corpus has been prepared for two languages:

The repository also includes format conversion scripts for WikEd. The scripts work independently form Wiki Edits and can be found in the bin directory.


This is a new version of Wiki Edits and it is not compatible with the old version! Back to commit 163d771 if you need old scripts.

This package is tested on Ubuntu with Python 2.7.

Required python packages:

Optional packages:

Run tests by typing nosetests from main directory.


Installation of all requirements is possible via Makefile if you have pip already installed:

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo make all


To extract edits from parallel texts:

./bin/ tests/data/lorem_ipsum.old.txt tests/data/

And from a Wikipedia dump file:

zcat tests/data/enwiki-20140102.tiny.xml.gz | ./bin/

The last script extracts edits from a list of dump files or URLs:

./bin/ -w /path/to/work/dir dumplist.txt

Language-specific options

All scripts are mostly language-independent. A few components need to be updated to run the scripts for non-English languages:

Currently supported languages: English, Polish, German.

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