You can physically simulate a dove in this program which was developed for "Data-driven Control of Flapping Fight, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2013".
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Related Author : Eunjung Ju, Jungdam Won

Related Publication : Transaction on Graphincs 2013

This code was written for and is being made available to accompany the (ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2013) "(Data-driven Control of Flapping Flight)"

For updates to this code, please check our website, (Jungdam Won) can be contacted at (


Our program was developed in visual stuio 2010 64-bit environment. We used external open soruce libararies in our program. You should compile each library and insert header into "BASE/INCLUDE/platform" folder, lib into "BASE/LIB/platform" folder.


Objective: Rigid body simulation Version: 0.11.1

Matlab Runtime

Objective: Matrix calculation in FEM Version: R2011b


Objective: Glut for free Version: 2.8.0


Objective: Curve approximation Version: 4.5.0

##Program Manual

Basically, the bird is simulated by using average wingbeats

  • q: play
  • w: pause
  • e: reset