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A script that can watch a directory and recompile .less scripts if they change.
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less-inspector is a script that can watch a directory and recompile your .less scripts if they change. Also less-inspector can compile only one file. It is needed when you have main file with many css imports.

It searches in a recursive manner so sub-directories are handled as well.

To use less-inspector simply do:

less-inspector -p [prefix] -d [directory]

  -d [path]  Specify which directory to scan.                                                                         [default: "."]
  -f [path]  If defined, LESS will watch all files but will compile only the specified one.                     
  -p [name]  Which prefix should the compiled files have? Default is style.less will be compiled to style.css.  
  -h  Prints help                                                                                              
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