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Very simple sample application that shows how to get datamapper up and running with rails master branch aka rails3. Have a look at the README for more information on how to setup your rails3 app for datamapper.

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Welcome to datamapper on Rails 3 (beta)

For a more thorough documentation about what's available in your app and how it's all done, have a look at the README over at rails3_datamapper

The hard way

Getting datamapper up and running on rails3 is really easy. It won't take longer than 2 minutes, really :) Here's how:

gem install i18n tzinfo builder memcache-client rack rack-test rack-mount erubis mail text-format thor bundler
gem install rails --pre

To get this sample app installed you then have to issue the following commands. Note that it's not necessary to tell bundle install to install to the vendor directory. It's purely a preference of mine as it keeps all things related to the application, in one place.

gem install bundler
git clone git://
cd datamapper_on_rails3
bundle install
rake db:setup
rails server

Point your browser to localhost:3000/people and you should now see rails3 serving an empty list of people. Feel free to add some.

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