A set of post-installation shell scripts for Raspbian
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Raspbian Post Install Scripts

Original Author: Sam Hewitt

This project is a set of post-installation and maintenance scripts for Raspbian (and your Raspberry Pi) designed to install your favourite software, set your preferred settings, etc.

Feel free to fork this project, modify to suit your preference, and distribute.


This project is coded and organized in a modular fashion so you can easily delete or exclude parts that you don't want to use.

  • data: this folder contains files which are lists of packages read by various functions. It's recommended to update these to suit your preferences.
  • functions: this folder contains bash files which are the main functions of this scriptset. They should require little modification.
  • third-party: this sub-directory contains further bash files that are functions for the installation of third-party applications –i.e. those that aren't necessarily in the main repositories.


Simple, you just run the main script from the root of the source folder:


Or you can store this scriptset in some directory, and add that location to your custom shell paths to run on-demand. For example, adding it as the following line to your .bashrc (editing the path appropriately):

export PATH=${PATH}:$HOME/scripts/raspbian-post-install/