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This repository has been archived by the owner on Feb 22, 2022. It is now read-only.


Suru Icons & Cursors

This project is a revitalization of the Suru icon set that was designed for Ubuntu Touch. The principles and styles created for Suru now serve as the basis for a new FreeDesktop icon theme.

Copying or Reusing

This project has mixed licencing. You are free to copy, redistribute and/or modify aspects of this work under the terms of each licence accordingly (unless otherwise specified).

The Suru icon assets (any and all source .svg files or rendered .png files) are licenced under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

Included scripts are free software licenced under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

Installing & Using

You can build and install Suru from source using Meson.

# build
meson "build" --prefix=/usr
# install
sudo ninja -C "build" install

By default it installs to /usr/ but you can specify a different directory with a prefix like: /usr/local or $HOME/.local.

After which you should be able to pick Suru as your icon or cursor theme in GNOME Tweak tool, or you can set either from a terminal with:

# set the icon theme
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "Suru"
# or the cursor theme
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme "Suru"

Uninstalling Suru

To uninstall Suru, simply run the following. (If you installed it without superuser priveleges just omit the sudo.)

sudo ninja -C "build" uninstall

Once uninstalled you can reset your icon and cursor theme to the default setting by running the following.

# reset icon theme to default
gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme
# reset cursor theme to default
gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme


Contributions are obviously welcome! If you would like to contribute to this project, please have read this regarding contributions.

Alternatively, if you would like to support development by making a donation you can do so here.