Suru (Ubuntu) icons by Sam Hewitt.

Suru (Ubuntu) Icons

Ubuntu icons designed by Sam Hewitt in the Suru style. All icons in this repository are licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Using Icons

This repository has both branded and generic icons. If you'd like to use one of the generic icons for your app, such as the terminal icon, by all means. I only ask that when you include it in your app you give the appropriate credit in your app's source code.

Branded Icons

Some icons are branded for specific apps so their reuse would not be necessarily be appropriate for your application.

Generic Icons

Some of the icons in this repository are not branded and are therefore are potentially reusable. Icons like this will have the -app suffix in their filename.

Icon Source
File Manager filemanager-app.png
Mail mail-app.png
RSS Reader rssreader-app.png
Sudoku sudoku-app.png
Terminal terminal-app.png
Web Browser webbrowser-app.png


Requests can be made directly to Sam Hewitt or via an issue report on the source repository.