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Sahyadri OpenSource Community

Official website for Sahyadri OpenSource Community.
All contribution to this website including contents are made through Pull Requests. If you are new to Git and GitHub and don't know how to submit a Pull Request(PR), please refer our friendly guide on submitting your first pull request at

All the contents to the website is in Markdown format, Please follow the below guidelines for any contributions.
If you don't know how to write a markdown file, take quick look at GitHub's markdown guide.

Adding your profile 👦 👧

Submit a pull request by adding your profile to the src/contents/members directory.

  • Create a new file with your github username and .md as extenstion. eg:
  • In the file add the following lines by filling out the details.
linkedin: YOUR_LINKEDIN_PROFILE_URL (optional)
skills: YOUR_SKILLS (separated by comma)


username: haxzie
name: Musthaq Ahamad
designation: Community Lead
skills: Android, Design, web, Public speaking

Creating a new Blog Post 📝

To submit a new Blog post, create a new folder in the src/contents/blogs directory.
Name the folder with date of posting and slug eg: 2018-08-02--First-blog-post.
Add the images you want to include in yor blog inside this directory and create a markdown file with the name Add the following frontmatter details into the markdown file followed by your blog post in markdown format. And finally submit a Pull Request.


  • Slug is where your blog post will be available on the website and the prefix /blog/ is required to identify it as a blog.
  • Description should be written in a single line, with considerably almost 2-3 lines as viewable. Make it short and descriptive.
  • Date should be in the format YYYY-mm-dd
  • Your author name should be your github profile url.
slug: /blog/YOUR-BLOG-POST-URL (add your post title with hyphens instead of spaces, in Lowercase only)
date: 2018-08-02
author: haxzie
name: Musthaq Ahamad
title: Second blog post
tags: blog post
cover: './cover.jpg'
description: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure'

# Your blog post in Markdown

Creating a new Event 🚩

To submit a new event details, create a folder in the src/contents/events/ directory with the name of the event.
Create a new Markdown file with the name and add any images if you want to refer in the same directory.
Follow the below format with all the details inside the markdown file and submit a Pull Request to this repository.


  • Slug is where your blog post will be available on the website and the prefix /events/ is a must to identify it as an event.
  • Date should be in the format YYYY-mm-dd


slug: /events/devhost18
name: devhost:18
date: 2018-12-02
location: Seminar Hall
cover: './cover.png'
link: REGISTRATION_LINK (leave empty if not needed)
feedback_link: LINK_TO_SUBMIT_THE_FEEDBACK (leave empty if not needed)

# Other event details
And descriptions in Markdown

Contributing to the Project :octocat:

We welcome Pull Requests for Bug Fixes, Missing or Fixing Documentation or even a brand new feature.
Open an issue with your concern and we'll help you out in the way.
While submitting the Pull Request make sure you have added proper comments in the code. Having a proper PR message will help us review your PR fast. Please follow consistent commit message throughout development, we follow Highlight with prefix guideline for commit messages where you need add a prefix text indicating what you have made changes in the commit.
A few of the prefixes are listed below.

  • FIX: Bug fix or correction
  • SFIX: Security fix
  • TYPO: any typo in docs or strings
  • RFT: refactored code
  • ADD: Added files or contents
  • FEAT: implemented a new feature
  • WIP: work in progress
  • INIT: Initialized files to start working on.

PS: Only use the prefix before your commit followed by an understandable commit message.

Meet our Contributors 🎉