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Description and terms for the Netflix Cloud Prize, which runs from March-September 2013. Read the rules, fork to your github account to create a Submission, then send us your email address.
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Netflix Cloud Prize Contest_Rules_20130313.pdf


This contest is for software developers.

Step 0 - You need your own GitHub account

Step 1 - Read the rules in the Wiki

Step 2 - Fork this repo to your own GitHub account

Step 3 - Send us your email address

Step 4 - Modify your copy of the repo as your Submission

We need to know your email address and GitHub id so that we can contact you about your entry. Your information will only be used to administer the Netflix Cloud Prize itself. We are collecting information using this MailChimp form. It will send you an email to verify your address.

If you have problems registering with MailChimp, you can contact us via Make sure you include your GitHub id.


Adrian Cockcroft

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