[This project is discontinued. Please head over to github.com/arskom/spyne for the next version.] This is a simple, easily extendible soap library that provides several useful tools for creating, publishing and consuming soap web services in python.
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This repository is going away! Please interact with rpclib instead.

Warning! This is soaplib's unstable development branch. The latest stable branch is here. The legacy soaplib-0.8 branch is here.


What is soaplib?

Soaplib is an easy to use python library for publishing soap web services using WSDL 1.1 standard, and answering SOAP 1.1 requests. With a very small amount of code, soaplib allows you to write a useful web service and deploy it as a WSGI application.

The official soaplib discussion forum can be found here.

The legacy versions of soaplib are also available in this repository. See here for the stable soaplib-0.8 branch. See here for the stable soaplib-1.0 branch.

See the downloads section for related downloads.


  • Deploy services as WSGI applications
  • Handles all xml (de)serialization
  • On-demand WSDL generation
  • Powerful customization features to support many use-cases
  • Doesn't get in your way!!!

Runtime Requirements

  • Python 2.4 through 2.7 (looking for volunteers to test Python 3.x)
  • A WSGI-compliant web server (CherryPy, WSGIUtils, Twisted, etc.)
  • lxml (available through easy_install)
  • pytz (available through easy_install)

Soaplib services can be deployed as WSGI applications, in any WSGI-compliant web server. See the examples directory in the source distribution for deployment examples. Soaplib services have been successfully run on the following web servers:

  • CherryPy 2.2
  • Flup
  • twisted.web (8.2, 9.0)
  • WSGIUtils 0.9

Development Requirements

  • Most examples and tests require Python 2.5 or greater
  • Twisted is required for soaplib.test.interop.server.basic and soaplib.test.interop.server.static.
  • To run automated tests, see instructions under test/README