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pope1ni committed Jul 12, 2016
1 parent c70efca commit 56037f13cc15159851bd3b1b73b0b6a7a13d6e6f
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@@ -1,13 +1,10 @@
include *.ini
include *.txt
include *.md
include *.py
include *requirements.txt
recursive-include doc *
prune doc/_build
graft docs
graft examples
include *.ini *.md *.py *.rst *.txt LICENSE
recursive-include soapfish/raw *
recursive-include soapfish/templates *
recursive-include examples *
recursive-include tests *.py
exclude build
exclude dist
recursive-include soapfish *.py *.xml *.xsd *.wsdl
recursive-include tests *.py *.xml *.xsd *.wsdl
prune docs/_build
prune soapfish.egg-info
exclude build dist
global-exclude *.py[co] .*.sw?

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