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useful perl script and snippets of code.
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Add a Bitdeli Badge to README
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@soarpenguin authored
Failed to load latest commit information. add source for study. LogMini log libirary for perl.
POST POST - command line post request tools. Add a Bitdeli badge to README
ack-standalone get new version ack-standalone from first commit perl script implements the basename command. fix 'env' cmd path in some script. perl BEGIN END INIT UNITCHECK etc symbol usage Calculate the amount of space needed to run the kernel. add '-b'(number-nonblank) and '-s'(squeeze-blank). - perl implements the top command. - perl implements the top command. count lines of source code. add ANSI Escapr sequences: colours and cursor movement usage.
cpanm add perl module install script. fix 'env' cmd path in some script. add alarm code noblocking fix 'env' cmd path in some script. first commit
fincore fincore: a command that shows which pages of a file are in core memory. format the code. add getopts usage. fix 'env' cmd path in some script. fix 'env' cmd path in some script. format bash code styles add example for install *.pm in runtime use source code.
log_server_status log_server_status - from apache source code. add '-g' parameter for - a memcache connect test scripts. memcache-top get from
memcached-tool memcached-tool: a perl script tool for memcached. update code add debug mode. copy from linux kernel mirror for symbol anisys. - fix (User::Utmp) not exist bug for Create update oneline_cmd and add MD5 and LWP usage. fix 'env' cmd path in some script.
rm rm cmd implement by perl. add port format check. first commit add a useful Slowloris attack script. add a client code connect echo server.
split-logfile split-logfile - from apache source code. first commit - a tool for synflood. try add regx support for fix 'env' cmd path in some script. first commit - remove some useless comment. format the code of add a demo for perl threads usage. urlgrep - add a simple perl web crawler. add utility function in perl script first commit
which which - perl script implement the which command.

some useful perl script

use for study

Bitdeli Badge

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