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fork of Estwald's PSDK3v2 with added vitasdk support
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fork of Estwald's PSDK3v2 with added vitasdk support

List of tools in it

curl []

vitasdk []

vita_portlibs []

ftpvita []

vita2d []

psp2link []

debugnet []

You'll need also Cmake for win32 if you want to compile cmake projects and git for windows if you want to clone them.

=== Usage

Download the zip by navigating to my github and clicking the green Clone or download button, followed by Download zip

Extract the contents to C: so they show up like this


Rename PSDK3v3-master to PSDK3v3

That's it! Now you only need to send the msys batch file found at C:/PSDK3v3/MinGW/msys/1.0/msys.bat to Desktop, so you can use it properly.

Enjoy :)

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