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VitaSDK build scripts for MSYS2
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  1. Get latest msys2 from and install it somewhere.
  2. Run 'pacman -Syu' and follow instruction to restart msys2 shell, run it again to update everything to latest.
  3. Run 'pacman -S --needed base git make texinfo bison flex tar gzip bzip2 xz patch diffutils mingw-w64-i686-toolchain mingw-w64-i686-cmake' to install required packages for VitaSDK building.
  4. (Optional) For building 3rd party libs like vita_portlibs, vita libs for EasyRPG and etc, you had better install other packages: autoconf, automake, pkgconfig, libtool


  1. Start msys2 shell by executing "mingw32.exe"
  2. Run ./ to build everything, if you need to do a particular step build, just use ./ --help to see which steps are supported.
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