A Beautiful Markdown Parser in the Nim World.
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nim-markdown is a beautiful Markdown Parser in the Nim world.

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Install via nimble in your project root.

$ nimble install markdown

# or with current stable version
$ nimble install markdown@">= 0.6.0"

# or with the latest version
$ nimble install markdown@#head

Or simply copy paste src/markdown.nim into your project.

Library Usage

Below is the minimal usage of using markdown as a library.

# 1. import pkg.
import markdown

# 2. transform md to html.
let html = markdown("# Hello World\nHappy writing Markdown document!")

# 3. do something :)

Below are some useful links:

Binary Usage

The usage of binary markdown is like below:

# Read from stdin and write to stdout.
$ markdown < hello-world.md > hello-world.html


Build markdown binary:

$ nimble build

Test markdown modules:

$ nimble test

Test markdown modules incrementally whenever modified the code. It requires you to have watchdog installed.

$ nimble watch

The Markdown Parser serves as a guidance on the implementation of nim-markdown, or in any generic programming language.



  • WIP: Provide a correct implementation of GitHub Flavored Markdown Specification, or notably referred to as GFM. (#4)
  • Support more controlling options, for example, escaping, text wrapping, html sanitize, etc.
  • Write tutorial & document on how to extend this library.
  • Support converting from HTML to Markdown. (#1)
  • Benchmark.


  • The library nim-markdown was originally developed based on a loose set of markdown features. As proposed in #4, the GFM will be the cornerstone. As of now, the library implements a mixture of the old style and the new style. The goal of v1.0.0 is to fully support GFM.


  • Thematic Break
  • Heading
  • Indented code block
  • Fence code block
  • Block Quote
  • Ordered/Un-ordered List
  • Nested lists
  • Raw HTML block
  • Table
  • Ref Link
  • Inline Link
  • Auto link
  • Image Link
  • Emphasis
  • Double Emphasis
  • Strikethrough
  • Link Break
  • Inline Code
  • Inline HTML
  • Escape
  • Paragraph
  • Auto link (extension)
  • Footnote
  • Want new features? Issues or pull requests are welcome. ;)



  • v0.6.1, 8 Dec 2018, various bugs fixed, gfm example coverage: 92%.
  • v0.6.0, 7 Dec 2018, refactor the codebase by mix using regex and verbatim scanning.
  • v0.5.2, 5 Nov 2018, bugfix: ambiguous call.
  • v0.5.1, 4 Nov 2018, inline email support; bugfix: \u00a0 causing build error #16, etc.
  • v0.5.0, 3 Nov 2018, bugfix: links in lists not working (#14), etc.
  • v0.4.0, 27 Oct 2018, support ~~~ as fence mark, etc. #12.
  • v0.3.4, 24 Oct 2018, support hard line breaks (gfm 6.12).
  • v0.3.3, 23 Oct 2018, strict-typed config (#5), add cli options.
  • v0.3.2, 23 Oct 2018, support setext heading.
  • v0.3.1, 22 Oct 2018, bugfix: soft line breaks (gfm 6.13).
  • v0.3.0, 22 Oct 2018, support html table block (#3).
  • v0.2.0, 20 Oct 2018, package published nim-lang/packages#899.
  • v0.1.2, 19 Oct 2018, add parameter config to proc markdown & support [url](<text> "title").
  • v0.1.1, 18 Oct 2018, import from markdown instead markdownpkg/core.
  • v0.1.0, 17 Oct 2018, initial release.


Nim-markdown is based on MIT license.