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Library for secure updates with Soatok's Valence project
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Library for secure updates with Soatok's Valence project


Use npm to add libvalence as a dependency.

npm install --save libvalence


The public API for libvalence is called Bond. Configuration should be straightforward:

const { Bond } = require('libvalence');

// Initialize
let bond = Bond.fromConfig(
    'project-name-goes-here', // Name of the current project
    __dirname + "/app",       // Project directory
        // Update server URLs:
        // Public keys:

// If the user has an access token (e.g. stored in a text file), you can
// set it like so:
bond.setAccessToken('user-provided access token goes here');

// Add Chronicles, require 2 out of 3 to agree:
bond.addChronicle('', 'public key goes here')
    .addChronicle('', 'public key goes here')
    .addChronicle('', 'public key goes here')

Once your Bond is setup and configured, you can use it like so to fetch updates from the server and install them:

/** @var {Bond} bond */
bond.getUpdateList('alpha').then(async (obj) => {
    try {
        let mirror = obj.mirror;
        let update = obj.updates.shift();
        let updateInfo = await fetch.fetchUpdate(update.url, mirror, bond.verifier);
        if (updateInfo.verified) {
            await bond.applier.unzipRelease(updateInfo);
    } catch (e) {

Update Policies

By default, libvalence uses a semantic versioning update policy, which will automatically apply PATCH updates but not MAJOR or MINOR version changes.

Old Version New Version Auto-Update?
v1.4.13 v1.4.14 YES
v1.4.13 v1.4.15 YES
v1.4.13 v1.5.0 NO
v1.4.13 v1.5.14 NO
v1.4.13 v2.0.0 NO
v1.4.13 v2.5.0 NO
v1.4.13 v2.4.14 NO

You can create your own update policy like so:

const UpdatePolicy = require('libvalence').UpdatePolicy; 
module.exports = class CustomUpdatePolicy extends UpdatePolicy {
     * @param {string} oldV
     * @param {string} newV
     * @returns {boolean}
    shouldUpdate(oldV, newV) {
        // Apply your logic here...
        return false;

And then you can add it to your Bond instance like so:

const CustomUpdatePolicy = require('./CustomUpdatePolicy');

/** @var {Bond} bond */
bond.setUpdatePolicy(new CustomUpdatePolicy);
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