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CUDA : Contradistinguisher for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Paper accepted in ICDM 2019:19th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, Beijing, China, 8-11 November 2019.

The original code base for the experiments and results for Image datasets.

Bibtex :

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Paper URL :

CUDA: Contradistinguisher for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation


You will need:

  • Python 3.6 (Anaconda Python recommended)
  • torch (PyTorch)
  • torchvision
  • nltk
  • pandas
  • scipy
  • tqdm
  • scikit-image
  • scikit-learn
  • tensorboardX
  • tensorflow==1.13.1 (for tensorboard visualizations)

Installation Instructions

On Linux:

> conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=10.0 -c pytorch

install relevant cuda if GPUs are available. Use of GPUs is very much recommended and inevitable because of the size of the model and datasets.

The rest of the dependencies

Use requirements.txt in the respective sub-folders with pip as below:

> pip install -r requirements.txt

Toydataset Domain Adaptation Experiments (

Full details on toydataset domain adaptation including codes in toydataset subdirectory.

> cd toydataset

Synthetic Toydataset using blobs

We create two blobs in 2D to represent 2 classes. We create 2 sets of such blobs one for each domain D0 and D1.

Sample plots for comparison of Source and Target domains

Following images are illustrations of images from Source (odd columns) and Target (even columns) domains with one example per class.

The plots also illustrate the difference between the CUDA vs all the other domain alignment approaches used for domain adaptation.

Comparison of standard domain alignment approaches vs CUDA

  • Example toydataset 1 with seed 22 :

    Method D0 -> D1 D1 -> D0
    Domain Alignment Approaches cp_src_toy_d0_seed_0022_ss_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d1_seed_0022_ss_contour_epoch
    CUDA cp_src_toy_d0_seed_0022_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d1_seed_0022_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch
  • Example toydataset 2 with seed 3234 :

    Method D0 -> D1 D1 -> D0
    Domain Alignment Approaches cp_src_toy_d0_seed_3234_ss_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_contour_epoch
    CUDA cp_src_toy_d0_seed_3234_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch
  • As seen above, the domain alignment approaches align the target domain over source domain to completely morph source and target domains. After morphing, a classifier is learnt on the labeled source domain. Due to the change of source domain on swapping domains, the classifier learnt mainly depends on the source domain.

  • On the contrast, Since CUDA jointly learns on both the domains in source supervised + target unsupervised manner, the same classifier adapts to learn the best possible decision boundary. Hence the decision boundaries are almost the same even when the source and target domains are swapped.

More illustrations of the Contradistinguisher learnt using CUDA

cp_src_toy_d0_seed_1252_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d0_seed_1811_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch
cp_src_toy_d0_seed_4045_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d1_seed_1819_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch
cp_src_toy_d0_seed_3027_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch cp_src_toy_d0_seed_3296_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch
src_toy_d0_seed_4019_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch041 src_toy_d0_seed_3980_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch599
src_toy_d0_seed_3980_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch599 src_toy_d0_seed_0925_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch042
src_toy_d0_seed_0661_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch016 src_toy_d0_seed_0158_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch033
src_toy_d0_seed_2108_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch006 cp_src_toy_d0_seed_2108_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch
src_toy_d1_seed_0152_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch599 src_toy_d0_seed_1887_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch051
src_toy_d0_seed_0714_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch560 src_toy_d1_seed_0152_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch012
src_toy_d0_seed_0152_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch599 src_toy_d0_seed_3182_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch077
src_toy_d1_seed_1887_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch021 src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch048
cp_src_toy_d0_seed_1653_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch src_toy_d1_seed_2108_ss_tu_ta_contour_epoch084

Illustration of the training process of contradistinguisher using CUDA

toydataset/git_images/plots/videos contains videos of the training of Contradistinguisher using CUDA as the epoch progresses. We can observe the decision boundary being updated to satisfy both the domains as they are jointly trained without domain alignment.

  • ss : source supervised only setting with domain alignment
  • ss_tu : source supervised + target unsupervised only setting with CUDA
  • ss_tu_ta : source supervised + target unsupervised + target adversarial setting with CUDA
00_src_toy_d0_seed_0022_ss_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_0022_ss_tu_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_0022_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif
seed 22 : ss seed 22 : ss_tu seed 22 : ss_tu_ta
00_src_toy_d1_seed_0022_ss_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d1_seed_0022_ss_tu_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d1_seed_0022_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif
seed 22 : ss seed 22 : ss_tu seed 22 : ss_tu_ta
00_src_toy_d0_seed_3234_ss_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_3234_ss_tu_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_3234_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif
seed 3234 : ss seed 3234 : ss_tu seed 3234 : ss_tu_ta
00_src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_tu_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif
seed 3234 : ss seed 3234 : ss_tu seed 3234 : ss_tu_ta

More illustrations of CUDA with different domain shifts and orientations

00_src_toy_d1_seed_3234_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_1252_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_1811_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch012
00_src_toy_d0_seed_3296_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_3027_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_4045_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif
00_src_toy_d0_seed_2108_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d1_seed_1819_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif 00_src_toy_d0_seed_1653_ss_tu_ta_contour_acc_epoch599.mp4.gif

Visual Domain Adaptation Experiments (

Full details on visual domain adaptation including codes in visual subdirectory.

Visual Domain Adaptation

The experiments in visual domain includes Digits, Objects and Traffic signs.

  • Digits : USPS, MNIST, SVHN, SYNNUMBERS with 10 digits for classification
  • Objects : CIFAR, STL with 9 overlapping classes for classification
  • Traffic Signs : SYNSIGNS, GTSRB with 43 classes for classification

The experiments in visual domain includes real world objects from Office dataset.

  • Office Objects : Objects from Office-31 dataset with 3 real world domain AMAZON, DSLR, WEBCAM with 31 classes for classification

Visual Domain Adaptation Dataset Statistics

Visual dataset statistics used for visual domain adaptation


Target domain test accuracy reported using CUDA over several SOTA domain alignment methods

Language Domain Adaptation Experiments (

Full details on language domain adaptation including codes in language subdirectory.

Language Domain Adaptation

We consider Amazon Customer Reviews Dataset with 4 domains Books, DVDs, Electronics and Kitchen Appliances located in data folder. Each domain has 2 classes positive and negative reviews as labels of binary classification.

Language Domain Adaptation Dataset Statistics

Language dataset statistics used for language domain adaptation


Target domain test accuracy reported using CUDA over several SOTA domain alignment methods


Special thanks to Statistics and Machine Learning Group, Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India for proving the necessary computational resources for the experiments.

Author Details

Sourabh Balgi

M. Tech., Artificial Intelligence

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Contact info:

<firstname><lastname>[at]gmail[dot]com, <firstname><lastname>[at]iisc[dot]ac[dot]in


Contradistinguisher for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation, ICDM 2019.






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