AutoRouting module for ASP.NET MVC 4 applications
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AutoRouting module for ASP.NET MVC 4 applications

Are you tired of manually entering .MapRoute() for each non-default controller action? AutoRouting is a solution.


Simply install AutoRouting package from NuGet to your ASP.NET MVC project:

PM> Install-Package AutoRouting

How does it work?

Let's say that you are adding a following controller to your MVC project:

public class SampleController : Controller
  	public ActionResult SampleMethod(string sampleParameter1, int sampleParameter2)
    	return View();

Normally, you would have to add following instruction to RouteConfig:

	name: "SampleControllerSampleMethod",
url: "SampleController/SampleMethod/{sampleParameter1}/{sampleParameter2}"
defaults: new { controller = "SampleController", action = "SampleMethod", sampleParameter1 = UrlParameter.Optional, sampleParameter2 = UrlParameter.Optional }

With AutoRouting you will not have to do it because it automatically detects all actions defined by you and maps all routes as soon as MVC application starts.

You can check the magic under "Source" folder.


  • AutoRouting is not currently working with Areas. If you need it feel free to "git clone" and contribute.
  • If you have already defined more sophisticated routes (like the ones containing constraints etc.) they will still work, since AutoRouting is being fired AFTER the Application_Start() event, therefore it will not override already defined routes.