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The Records Project Paper Augmentation System (RPPAS) is deprecated and will
not be receiving any future updates. Tabularium
( has the same purpose, contains
much of the same code, and has many more features. If by chance you have been
using RPPAS and need your database upgraded, please drop me a line
(, as I don't have an automated upgrade procedure.

The original README remains below for reference, and this repository will be
kept up for some months.


== Dependencies ==
Required to use the program:
- sqlite3
- pyparsing

To use the "print index" feature, you will need:
- A working copy of LaTeX.
- The following packages: utf8x, geometry, idxlayout, mathpazo, lastpage,

GNU Readline will make the program easier to use if support is compiled into
your Python binary, which is usually the case on Linux. Lacking it shouldn't
prevent the program from working, although I haven't tried it on any systems
without it to confirm that.

== Installing ==
Nothing needs to be installed as long as you have Python and sqlite3. You do
need to create a configuration file and database before you can use the
program, however; for that, refer to the manual in the docs/ directory.

== Documentation =
There is a full manual in the docs/ directory.

== Contact ==
You can email me with questions, comments, or suggestions at