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sobolevn's dotfiles

sobolevn's dotfiles

Here are some articles I wrote about my environment:


What's in there?

  • all my brew dependencies including: applications, fonts, etc. See Brewfile
  • all my macOS configuration. See macos
  • all my shell configuration including my own sobole theme. See shell/ and config/zshrc
  • all my vscode configuration. See vscode/


We are using dotbot to set things up. Steps:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. cd into dotfiles/ folder
  3. Run: ./install


I am using both hyper and default Terminal App as terminal emulators. I am using zsh with oh-my-zsh as a main shell. And zplug to manage shell plugins. I also have a lot of tools to make my working experience better.

I mainly work with three stacks:

  • python
  • node + vue + typescript
  • elixir

So, they are configured nice and smoothly. You will have configured version managers, best practices, and useful tools. And some productivity hacks!

I also have several other languages installed. But I don't use them on a daily basis.


I am using brew to install all free apps for my mac. I also sync apps from AppStore with brew, so the resulting Brewfile contains everything.


I try to containerize everything. So docker is my main development and deployment tool. You can install it from its official site (brew version is also an option).

I prefer to use edge version of docker. So, you will have to download it manually.

However, I also use several databases and other services locally:

  • postgresql (with postgis)
  • redis

I use this setup for small and simple projects. Other stuff is always dockerized.

VS Code

I loved my Sublime. It was fast and beautiful. But I have switched to vscode. The main reason is that Sublime is almost unmaintained. Packages are also abandoned.

So, I have switched to vscode. It solved almost all issues I had with Sublime. Here's how my new vscode setup looks like:

sobolevn's vscode for Python

It is also fully configured to be used with Codespaces.

Here's a list of packages I use:

  • ayu theme with modifications and A File Icon icons
  • Elixir syntax highlighting
  • Vetur for Vue features
  • Python plugin
  • Rust plugin
  • editoconfig integration

I also use powered-up nano for in-terminal editing.

Local configuration

Some of the used tools requires local configuration. Such as git with username and email.

Here's the full list:

  1. ~/.gitconfig_local to store any user-specific data
  2. ~/.shell_env_local to store local shell config, like: usernames, passwords, tokens, gpg keys and so on


WTFPL: do the fuck you want. Enjoy!


dotfiles for the developer happiness: macos, zsh, brew, vscode, codespaces, python, node, elixir




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