dotfiles for the developer happiness: zsh, brew, sublime, python, node, elixir
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sobolevn's dotfiles

sobolevn's dotfiles


What's in there?

  • all my brew dependencies including: applications, fonts, etc. See Brewfile
  • all my macOS configuration. See macos
  • all my python dependencies. See python/
  • all my shell configuration. See shell/ and config/zshrc
  • all my sublime-text3 configuration. See sublime3-conf/


We are using dotbot to handle any installations. Steps:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. cd into dotfiles/ folder
  3. Run install script

Setting up SublimeText

You will need to do some extra steps with sublime:

  1. Open an editor
  2. Run this command in "Command Palette": Package Control: Satisfy Dependencies
  3. Restart sublime

You are all set!


I am using zsh with oh-my-zsh as a main shell. I also have a lot of tools to make my working experience better. Here are some good articles I wrote about my environment:

I mainly work with three stacks:

  • python
  • node
  • elixir

So, they are configured nice and smoothly.

I also have php, ruby, and java installed. But I am not using them on a daily basis.


I love my Sublime. It is fast and beautiful. Here what it looks like for elixir:

sobolevn's Sublime for Elixir

And Vue:

sobolevn's Sublime for Elixir

Here's a list of packages I use:

  • ayu theme
  • Babel for better js support
  • EditorConfig for consistent styles
  • ElixirSublime code completions
  • GitGutter for nice git integration
  • Highlight to export rtf highlighted text
  • SideBarEnhancements for custom actions in sidebar

And syntax highlighting for all the things:

  • Bats syntax highlighting
  • Dockerfile syntax highlighting
  • Elixir syntax highlighting
  • INI and TOML syntax highlighting
  • JSX syntax highlighting
  • Sass syntax highlighting
  • Vue syntax highlight

Local configuration

Some of the used tools requires local configuration. Such as git with username and email.

Here's the full list:

  1. git

    1.1 ~/.gitconfig_local to store any user-specific data

  2. shell

    2.1 ~/.shell_env_local to store local shell config, like: usernames, passwords, tokens, gpg keys and so on


WTFPL: do the fuck you want. Enjoy!