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Version 0.2.4

  • Added git secret cat feature (#141)
  • git secret hide and git secret changes check for files more carefully (#153, #154)
  • Documentation and error message improvements (#126, #136, #144, #150)
  • Build and CI fixes (#152, #179, #186, #188, #189)
  • Migrate to bats-core bash testing framework

Version 0.2.3

  • Added -m option to hide command, files will only be hidden when modifications are detected (#92)
  • Changed how path mappings file works: colon delimited FSDB (#92)
  • Fixed gnupg >= 2.1 CI tests (#6)
  • Now users can run local CI tests using test-kitchen (#6)
  • Migrated travis ci tests to test-kitchen for Linux platforms.
  • git secret init now adds random_seed to .gitignore (#93)
  • Added more gpg version to test matrix (#99)
  • Dropped git check-ignore, using git add --dry-run instead to check for ignored files (#105,#38)
  • Added CentOS to test matrix (#38,#91)
  • All tested Linux platforms now use latest release of shellcheck
  • Added Alpine to test matrix, and apk is now built. (#75)

Version 0.2.2

  • Change how the usage command works (#48)
  • Now git-secret works from any place inside git-tree (#56)
  • Added -d option to the hide command: it deletes unencrypted files (#62)
  • Added new command changes to see the diff between the secret files (#64)
  • Fixed bug when _user_required was not working after re-importing keys (#74)
  • Now it is possible to provide multiple emails to the killperson command (#73)
  • Now it is possible to provide multiple emails to the tell command (#72)
  • Now every doc in this project refer to instead of old gh-pages website (#71)
  • Now installation section is removed from main man file (#70)
  • Now "See also" sections in the man pages are clickable (#69)
  • Added "Manual" section to the manuals (#61)
  • Added centos container for ci testing (#38)
  • Tests are refactored. Added clean command tests, removed a lot of hard-coded things, moved tests execution from ./temp folder to /tmp, added a lot of new check in old tests, and some new test cases (#52)
  • Refactored hide and clean commands to be shorter
  • shellcheck is now supported with make lint

Version 0.2.1

  • Now everything is tested inside the docker-containers and OSX images on travis.
  • Added autodeploy to bintray in .travis.yml.
  • Added .ci/ folder for continuous integration, refactored utils/ folder.
  • Added and
  • New brand logo in the
  • Everything is shellchecked (except tests/).

Version 0.2.0

  • Added changes command to see the difference between current version of the hidden files and the committed one
  • Added -f option to the reveal command to remove prompts
  • Changed the way files were decrypted, now it is a separate function
  • Some bugs are fixed
  • New installation instructions

Version 0.1.2

  • Added -i option to the git-secret-add command, which auto adds unignored files to the .gitignore
  • Documentation improved with Configuration section
  • Added extra tests: for custom filenames and new features
  • Makefile improvements with .PHONY and install target
  • .github templates added

Version 0.1.1

  • Added --dry-run option to the git secret command, which prevents any actions.
  • Now install_full_fixture() returns a fingerprint
  • Now uninstall_full_fixture() receives two args
  • Fixed bug when tests were failing with gpg2
  • New travis strategy: testing both gpg and gpg2
  • Removed animation from docs, now using

Version 0.1.0

  • Initial release