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📝Automatically fixes typos and mistakes in your source code and docs!
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📝Automatically fixes typos and mistakes in your source code and docs!

Based on awesome misspell-fixer tool.


We had a typo in our file to show how this Github Action works. By using a pipeline of three actions we are able to receive PRs like this one.

Here's how our configuration looks like:

- uses: actions/checkout@v2
- uses: sobolevn/misspell-fixer-action@master
- uses: peter-evans/create-pull-request@v2.4.4
    token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

Here's how it works:

  1. The first actions/checkout@v2 action checkouts our code from the repo
  2. Our own sobolevn/misspell-fixer-action finds misspells and fixes them
  3. Then peter-evans/create-pull-request creates a PR with the fixes created earlier
  4. Done!

See logs of our own Github Actions with the fixed typo.

And here's how our workflow looks like.

Options and outputs

You can pass any options that are supported by misspell-fixer tool, to do so you can use options key:

- uses: sobolevn/misspell-fixer-action@master
    options: '-rsvn src/'

You can also use the output produced by this action by default. Read more about outputs.



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