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A lightweight blocks based Wunderground weather report fetcher
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MGWunderground - A lightweight Wunderground report fetcher

A basic class for fetching reports from Wunderground based on the user's current location.

Reports are returned in a wrapper object giving easy access to some common fields. The raw reports are available as NSDictionary properties of the report object (report.rawWeather, report.rawAstronomy).

The report class defines convenience functions for converting between knots, mph, km/h, Celsius, and Fahrenheit.


  1. Add the two classes to your project
  2. Edit API_KEY in Wunderground.h to match your Wunderground API key

Fetch a report

MGWunderground *weather = [MGWunderground singleton];
NSTimeInterval maxReportAge = 60.0 * 60;

[weather maxAge:maxReportAge fetchReport:^(WundergroundReport *report) {

        NSLog(@"Weather:%@", report.weatherType);
        NSLog(@"Temperature in Celsius:%f", report.tempc);
        NSLog(@"Temperature in Fahrenheit:%f", report.tempf);
        NSLog(@"Sunrise hour:%d minute:%d", report.sunriseHour, report.sunriseMinute);

    } onError:^{

        NSLog(@"Error:%@", weather.errorInfo);
        NSLog(@"Location usable:%@", weather.locationUsable ? @"YES" : @"NO");
        NSLog(@"Internet usable:%@", weather.internetUsable ? @"YES" : @"NO");


Convenience Conversion Functions

float mph = MPH_FROM_KN(knots);
float kmh = KMH_FROM_KN(knots);
float knots = KN_FROM_MPH(mph);
float knots = KN_FROM_KMH(kmh);
float kmh = KMH_FROM_MPH(mph);
float mph = MPH_FROM_KMH(hmh);

float fahrenheit = F_FROM_C(celsius);
float celsius = C_FROM_F(fahrenheit);
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