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A super simple wrapper around NotificationCenter.


pod 'SwiftNotes'

Or just drop SwiftNotes.swift into your project.

UIKit Notification Examples

UIKeyboard Notifications

when(.UIKeyboardDidShow) { note in
    // do stuff 

UIApplication Notifications

when(.UIApplicationDidBecomeActive) { _ in
    // do stuff

Custom Notifications

Define A Custom Notification

// define the custom event name
extension NSNotification.Name {
    static let somethingHappened = Notification.Name("somethingHappened")

Trigger Your Custom Notification

// send your custom event

Respond To Your Custom Notification

when(.somethingHappened) { _ in
    // do stuff

Extra Parameters

Trigger An Event And Include UserInfo

trigger(.somethingHappened, userInfo: ["goodTimes": true])

Trigger An Event On A Specific Sender

trigger(.updatedFromRemote, on: self)

Observe An Event On A Specific Sender

when(model, does: .updatedFromRemote) { _ in
    // do stuff

Respond On A Specific Queue

// make sure the closure is run on the main queue
when(.somethingHappened, doOn: OperationQueue.main) _ in 
    // do stuff