Sports Store is a hello world implementation that demonstrates DevOps.
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This repository contains the source code for SportsStore. SportsStore is a hello world implementatyion for DevOps. Please see Roadmap To Agile DevOps Lab for details.

The infrastructure for SportsStore is implemented using the Infrastructure as Code approach. This repository is available here NOTE: I am currently working on a delivery pipeline using Team City, Octopus Debloy and Jira.

Getting Started

Please review the lab information in the above link to understand how this codebase is used in a DevOps Implementation. This is a Microsoft MVC5 solution based on the book Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 It contains the following projects:

  1. SportsStore.Domain - implements the classes for the database ojbects in SportsStore.
  2. SportsStore.Tests - implements a set of test in the MSTest framework. This includes mocked unit tests, integration tests the hit the database and Selenimum QA tests.
  3. SportsStore.WebUi - implements the user interfact using MVC5.
  4. SportsStoreDB - impelemets the database using a database project.
  5. SportsStoreAutomation- implements a set of Selenium WebDrivers classes as an automation test framework.