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Marcotti-Events (formerly named the Football Match Event Database) is a data schema that captures historical data and the individual micro events that make up a football match. Data captured include the following:

  • Friendly matches and matches that make up league, knockout or hybrid (group + knockout) football competitions, and involve either clubs or national team selections.
  • Participating personnel such as players, managers, and match officials.
  • Top-level data on the football match, including match date, competition name, participating teams, venues, and environmental conditions.
  • Every event -- touch or non-touch -- that occurs in the match, parametrized by match time, field coordinates, the players involved, and the player actions.
  • All modifying information specific to player actions.

The Marcotti-Events data schema is made up of backend-independent SQLAlchemy objects, and club and national team databases are built from these objects.


Marcotti-Events is written in Python and uses the Pandas and SQLAlchemy packages heavily.

While not required, virtualenv is strongly recommended and virtualenvwrapper is very convenient.

Installation instructions:

  1. Setup the virtual environment, and use pip to install the package:

     $ cd /path/to/working/dir
     $ mkvirtualenv marcotti
     (marcotti) $ pip install git+[@{release tag}]
  2. Run the dbsetup command and answer the setup questions to create configuration and data loading scripts.

    (marcotti-mls) $ dbsetup
    #### Please answer the following questions to setup the folder ####
    Work folder (must exist): [.] /path/to/files
    Logging folder (must exist): [.] /path/to/logs
    Config file name: [local]
    Config class name: [LocalConfig]

    The command will produce three files in the working folder:

    • A user-defined database configuration file
    • logging.json: Default logging configuration file
    • Data loading module

Data Models

Two data schemas are created - one for clubs, the other for national teams. There is a collection of common data models upon which both schemas are based, and data models specific to either schema.

The common data models are classified into four categories:

  • Overview: High-level data about the football competition
  • Personnel: Participants and officials in the football match
  • Match: High-level data about the match
  • Match Events: The micro events that occur during the football match

Common Data Models


  • Competitions
  • Countries
  • DomesticCompetitions
  • InternationalCompetitions
  • Seasons
  • Surfaces
  • Timezones
  • VenueHistory
  • Venues
  • Years


  • Managers
  • Persons
  • Players
  • PlayerHistory
  • Positions
  • Referees


  • MatchConditions
  • Matches
  • MatchLineups


  • MatchEvents
  • MatchActions
  • MatchActionModifiers
  • Modifiers
  • PenaltyShootoutOpeners

Club-Specific Data Models

  • Clubs
  • ClubFriendlyMatches
  • ClubGroupMatches
  • ClubKnockoutMatches
  • ClubLeagueMatches
  • ClubMatchLineups
  • ClubMatchEvents
  • ClubGoals (read-only view)
  • ClubPenalties (read-only view)
  • ClubBookables (read-only view)
  • ClubSubstitutions (read-only view)
  • ClubPenaltyShootouts (read-only view)
  • ClubPenaltyShootoutOpeners

National Team-Specific Data Models

  • NationalFriendlyMatches
  • NationalGroupMatches
  • NationalKnockoutMatches
  • NationalMatchLineups
  • NationalMatchEvents
  • NationalGoals (read-only view)
  • NationalPenalties (read-only view)
  • NationalBookables (read-only view)
  • NationalSubstitutions (read-only view)
  • NationalPenaltyShootouts (read-only view)
  • NationalPenaltyShootoutOpeners

Enumerated Types

  • ActionType
  • ConfederationType
  • GroupRoundType
  • KnockoutRoundType
  • ModifierCategoryType
  • ModifierType
  • NameOrderType
  • PositionType
  • SurfaceType
  • WeatherConditionType

Validation Data

Marcotti-Events ships with data that is used to populate the remaining validation models that can't be converted to enumerated types. The data is in CSV and JSON formats.

Data File Data Model
countries.{csv,json} Countries
positions.{csv,json} Positions
surfaces.{csv,json} Surfaces
timezones.{csv,json} Timezones
modifiers.{csv,json} Modifiers


The test suite uses py.test and a PostgreSQL database. A blank database named test-marcotti-db must be created before the tests are run.

Use the following command from the top-level directory of the repository to run the tests:

    $ py.test [--schema club|natl]

If the schema option is not passed, only the tests on common data models are run. The club parameter will run the common and club-specific models, while the natl parameter will run tests on the common and national-team-specific models.

The tests should work for other server-based RMDBSs such as MySQL or SQL Server. There may be issues with SQLite backends, but this hasn't been confirmed.


(c) 2015-2019 Soccermetrics Research, LLC. Created under MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.


Data models for capture of micro events in football matches (ex Football Match Event Database)




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