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MLS Front Office Efficiency

Standardized front-office efficiency (aka standard win cost) and payroll costs per point of Major League Soccer teams in the Designated Player era, 2007-2017 seasons.

This data has been used in the following articles:

Header Definition
Year Year of MLS regular season
Team Name of MLS team
Payroll Available payroll of MLS team
Points Total league points won
PPG Points per game ratio
Utilization Team utilization factor
Cost_ppg Payroll cost per points per game
Cost_ppt Payroll cost per league point
Std_cost Standardized win cost

The front-office efficiency metric and the terms in the header file are explained in the post MLS Front-Office Efficiency: Making It Better.


  • MLS Players Union Salary Data
  • Major League Soccer
  • ENB Sports Soccer Player Database