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⌨ Khmer Unicode for MacOS build using standard NiDA keyboard layout
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Khmer Unicode for MacOS

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Using homebrew

You can install Khmer Unicode Keyboard layout from homebrew using the homebrew tap pp-spaces/khmer-unicode

brew tap pp-spaces/khmer-unicode # you only have to do this once!
brew cask install khmer-unicode-layout

Check out for more information.

Using package installer

To Install Khmer Unicode Keyboard layout for your computer, go to the latest release link here

Download Khmer Unicode Installer.pkg to your computer.

Then, Run the Khmer Unicode Installer.pkg installer.

Adding Keyboard Layout

To use Khmer Unicode in your computer, open System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources and click the + button.

Pick Khmer from the list, then pick "Khmer Unicode" and click Add

Done, your Khmer Unicode keyboard is ready!

Official Documents

These documents provided by Khmer Software Initiative

  • How to type Khmer Unicode EN, KM

📝 License

Licensed under the MIT License.

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