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🐳 Dockerize Your Vue.js Application \w Nginx

npm-version npm-download


Using Vue CLI

vue add deploy-docker

or install manually

yarn add -D vue-cli-plugin-deploy-docker

# Invoke the plugin
vue invoke vue-cli-plugin-deploy-docker


This plugin will create a Dockerfile, .dockerignore and nginx.conf in the root of your project.

Nginx is an HTTP(s) server that will run in your docker container. It uses a configuration file to determine how to serve content/which ports to listen on/etc. See the nginx configuration documentation for an example of all of the possible configuration options.

See Deployment | Vue CLI document for more detail.

Build the container

Run the following command to build the container:

yarn docker:build

Run the container

Run the following command to start the container:

Note: please make sure that you already built the container before running it

yarn docker:run


License under MIT